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Repatriation services company

In our company Repatrispain we are dedicated to repatriation services, providing comprehensive care before, during and after death.

Our company has a worldwide presence and we are highly qualified in the comprehensive management of funeral services as well as in repatriation services for the deceased at an international level, being able to travel to any country.

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We work for insurance companies, assistance companies, families, government bodies, consulates and funeral companies that need our specialized support and especially our experience.

Our specialization allows us to coordinate international funeral and repatriation services with guarantees of agility and professionalism, taking care of the entire process and offering families all the care they need in these tough times.

National and international repatriation services

To professionally attend funeral services in Spain and repatriations to other countries, we make use of a wide national and international funeral network, made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector and who are highly trusted.

Our national and international partners work under our same work protocol, as well as, under demanding quality standards in any service we provide.

We attend to your needs without limits and we will always be at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We cooperate with funeral agencies, cargo agencies, airlines, local suppliers and authorities so that, in this way, we can quickly offer high-quality economic repatriations with personalized attention from our team.

We offer our knowledge and experience in repatriation services around the world. It is a natural feeling for all of us that we want to bring back a close relative, partner or friend, to their homeland, without worrying about how far away they are because a company like ours takes care of everything to bring them back. without the family having to worry about anything other than saying goodbye to that loved one in privacy.

If you need more information, please contact us through our contact telephone number 689 125 741 or through our WhatsApp service so that we can answer you as soon as possible.



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It is the process by which the body of a deceased can be returned to its country of origin. These procedures must have the authorization and support of the government and managed by the funeral home.

Repatrispain, we manage to the last detail, to guarantee the tranquility of the relatives and the safety of the deceased.