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The answer is: it depends. It is clear that when we talk about a loved one, times always seem very long, if not eternal.

The procedures and procedures that must be carried out are subject to regulations that must be complied with and, depending on the country of destination, the requirements can vary greatly. At Repatrispain we always try to streamline them, but in many cases they depend on the authorizations provided by external organizations. The way in which the death occurs, if it is not a natural death, can also delay the procedures.

That is why there are repatriations that take place in two days and others that, on the contrary, precisely due to bureaucratic demands, take more than fifteen days.

At Repatrispain we always strive to make it as short as possible.

Managing a repatriation service is complex. All the procedures that it entails need a management process, since most of them are not simultaneous, but consecutive. In addition to us, the Health Authorities, various bodies dependent on the Ministry of Justice, Diplomatic Representations, agents of the aeronautical sector and the Customs Service, among many others, intervene in the process. At Repatrispain we spare no resources to speed up the procedure as much as possible. Our close collaboration with the aforementioned entities allows us to shorten the management deadlines as much as possible.

From Repatrispain we can manage all aspects of repatriation on your behalf, thus avoiding having to travel to the country in question.

The legal framework in Spain is the Sanitary-Mortuary Police Regulation, in force since 1974. The international treaties that protect the management of repatriations are the Berlin Agreement, signed in 1937 and the Strasbourg Agreement, which was ratified by Spain in 1992 .

In any country in the world, so it becomes a reference company in international services, in the main consulates, embassies, groups and airlines.

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It is the process by which the body of a deceased can be returned to its country of origin. These procedures must have the authorization and support of the government and managed by the funeral home.

Repatrispain, we manage to the last detail, to guarantee the tranquility of the relatives and the safety of the deceased.