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Funeral and repatriation services

The services we perform at Repatrispain include:

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Repatriation of the deceased.

integral services.

tracking of the flight.

Procedures, certificates and procedures.

preperation of the coffin and the deceased.

Procedures with insurance companies.

Preperation, coordination, communication with the host country.

Repatriation services in RepatriSpain

– Repatriation of the deceased: The repatriation of corpses consists of the transfer of a deceased from the country where the death occurs to their country of origin.

The repatriation of a body is not mandatory, but everyone wants to have their loved ones close and be able to give them rest in a nearby place. The repatriation of bodies is on the rise due to the great growth in business trips, leisure trips and also by people who are going to live in other countries.

There are several steps to follow to repatriate a body from abroad since they may vary slightly depending on the country where the death occurs. It is very important that they are followed correctly in order to ensure that the process is as simple and short as possible.

In addition, in a world like today’s, full of uncertainty since the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives, people’s fear of being trapped in another country has increased due to mobility restrictions that are taking place around the world . We all know that any type of problem away from home becomes even harder, even more so if it is a death. That is why, at REPATRISPAIN, we work to provide this service in the most effective way, so that no one has to suffer having a deceased relative far away.

– Procedures, certificates and procedures: At Repatrispain we take care of absolutely all the procedures, procedures and certificates that must be done when a repatriation occurs. Perhaps the most important is a letter addressed to the Consulate requesting authorization for the transfer of the body. In this document, the means of transport to be used must be detailed together with the pertinent documentation on the deceased, the medical certificate of death of the country of transfer and the country of origin, as well as that of the thanatopraxy carried out. with the method used for embalming.

For older people, a document from the health authorities is also required authorizing the departure of the mortal remains from the country. However, the embassy must be informed of the procedures to be carried out since each country has its laws and their applications. These are just some of the procedures that we take care of at REPATRISPAIN when managing a repatriation since, with our services, there will be no loose ends or room for error.

– Procedures with funeral insurance companies: funeral insurance is responsible for covering all expenses in the event of death and all the necessary procedures in addition to funeral services. For its part, repatriation insurance is an optional coverage of death policies in which the person who lives in a country other than his own has the possibility that, after his death, his mortal remains can return to their place originally. We take care that it is carried out so that the family does not have to deal with any issue of this type.

– Preparation, coordination, communication with the receiving country: With our company everything will be perfectly coordinated and organized, since we are in continuous communication with the receiving country of the deceased so that everything unfolds without any type of setback.

– Preparation of the coffin and the deceased: We have a wide catalog with a great diversity of models and prices of caskets, as well as urns so that the family and loved ones can choose the most appropriate to their tastes and / or or needs.

– Tracking the deceased’s flight: At all times we know where the deceased’s flight is located since we have all the information about the flight to be able to inform the family of everything they want to know.

RepatriSpain is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year available to families and to everything that includes the repatriation service they need.

There are many questions that these services cover, but our service is comprehensive. With our specialized staff and our extensive experience we ensure total professionalism, efficiency and as quickly as possible. Send us an email to or call us at our contact telephone number 689 125 741 to request more information or to prepare a totally personalized budget.

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